How to get traffic from Reddit: The secret of generating 0.4 million views daily


So, now here is a thousand of dollars question “How to get traffic from Reddit“. Before you start reading the article you should know that what things you will learn in the article.

Basically, the article is all about increasing your views through Reddit. In this whole article, I will share my experience with you, You will find those techniques that help me to drive 0.4 million views in a single day.

There are few questions that people ask about Reddit:

  • How to get traffic through Reddit?
  • How to increase link karma?
  • How to increase Comment karma?
  • How to earn money using Reddit?

Don’t worry after reading this article I assure you that you will start driving some handsome amount of traffic. Before I start with the article I must tell you that Reddit is a platform with strict Rules and Regulations. If you will not follow them properly, then you will get banned. If you try to spam on Reddit, then again you will get banned, but if you will follow those strategies that I have discussed in the article, then I assure you that you will start making some good amount of money.

Before, we start learning about Reddit you should know what Reddit is?



I don’t want to take this heading too long. Let’s just discuss Reddit in few words:

Reddit is a platform where people post related to different niche

The post which is mostly liked by people is pinned to the hot page of the subreddit. Now, the question arises that what subreddits are?

“Subreddits are the subcategories on a specific topic”. For example, Section “Funny” is the subreddit of Reddit.

If a post gets popular in the funny section, then Reddit will pin it to the hot page of the subreddit. Basically, a post only rises when people give it a vote. For example, If I like a specific post on Reddit or find it funny,so I will give it a vote which is known as “Up Vote” and similarly, if I didn’t find any post interesting, then I will give it a “Down Vote”

So, this is how Reddit works. I don’t want to take you people in the depth of working of Reddit because a lot of you people would be already aware of it.



I am getting too much excited because there are a lot of new things that I have to tell you guys. I will explain each and every single method in this article briefly and if you still feel something is missing in the article, then you can contact me personally.

Let me first show you the traffic that I have generated using Reddit in one day:


As you can see in the picture that I have generated 0.4 million traffic. Basically, Reddit is all about posting good content.

Let me show you my link and comment karma:

link karma

As you can see that I am having nearly about 2,431 link karma and 112 comment karma. It took me only 2 days to generate this much of link karma and I will show you how in the further article.

I know you people might be thinking that “How should we start with Reddit?”

Make sure not to post anything before you reach at least 50 link karma and I will show you that how you can achieve it in only 2 hours.

Let’s first discuss some really important points that you really need to know before you start reading the the further article.


A lot of people ask me that how they can increase their link karma. Basically, link karma increases when people up-vote your link. For example, if you post a link and people find that link really interesting and if they up-vote your link, then it will increase your link karma.


Similar, is the case with comment karma. If people find your comment interesting, then they will upvote your comment and you will achieve comment karma instead.

People find increasing link and comment karma really difficult, but there are few strategies that will help you to increase your link and comment karma with in few hours. Yes, I am right! only in few hours :).



Before you start your promotion on Reddit there are few things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Don’t post more than 2 links of your website in single day.
  • Don’t start posting before your reach 50 comment karma.
  • Don’t use multiple accounts from a single IP. You can use any proxy in order to create more accounts.
  • Always try to post the link of First, try to post your picture on this website and then post that link. because Reddit don’t allow links to any other website rather then imgur, so try to first upload on imgur and then post the imgur link to Reddit.
  • You can post only 40 Imgur links in a day.
  • Always read the rules and regulations of subreddits before start posting.
  • Don’t publish NSWF content as there are a lot of chances that you might get banned.

Let me tell you a way by using which you can create multiple accounts at a time, Here is a video:

I would suggest you to first focus on your first account and then move on the next one. You can create 3 accounts at a single time by using single IP. Make sure to change your IPevery time you create an account.

Let’s discuss that how you can increase your comment karma before starting promotion on Reddit.


comment karma

Let’s discuss a great strategy that will help you to increase your comment karma within few hours. All you have to do is to first go to the “AskReddit” section. You can use the link below as well:

ask reddit


“Ask Reddit” is a section where people mostly ask questions and other people answer them. A question that is liked my most of the people is pinned to the hot page of “Ask Reddit”

Now, the point is that how you can use this section to increase your comment karma?

First, got to the ask Reddit section and select “New” from the top menu bar. I would suggest you to answer those questions that are new because people can easily see your comments, but if you will comment on a question with too many up-votes, then there are fewer chances that people see your comment.

Always try to comment on new questions.

Now, the question arises that “How I can prove people with the best comment”. Don’t worry :). I got a really good answer for it.

All you have to do is to first open the question that comes first.

ask reddit new

Let’s take the second question as the first one is related to Reddit and obviously, we can’t answer it.

Now, copy the question and go to google and paste the question into the search bar.

google search for answer

Now, find the best answer and paste that answer on the ask Reddit section.

Make sure to comment with a gap of 8 to 9 mints because it will indicate as spam if you will do it continuously.

Now, you know that how can increase your comment karma. Always try to find the best answer on google that you think people will gonna like and then paste that to the Reddit.

The more people will up-vote your comment, the more comment karma you will achieve.

If you think that you are already aware of this method and it doesn’t work for you, then you are not doing it in the appropriate way. Try to find the best answer and then paste it.

Do it 6 to 7 times in a day and I assure you that you will grow your comment karma more than 50 in a day.



Now, it’s time to discuss “increasing link karma“. As I have told you above in the article that always try to increase your link karma when you have reached at least 50 comment karma.

In this section, I will tell you some great strategies that will help you a lot in order to increase your link karma. I usually call this strategy as “Ammar’s Law”.

I know it sounds funny, but believe me, this method enabled me to grow my link karma up to 2000 only in 1 day.

But, before you read further I want you to keep in mind that you have to read the rules and regulations of every single subreddit if you don;t want your account to banned. Reddit has a really strict system, so if you want to promote then make sure to read rules and regulations first.

So, all you have to do is to first of all download an extension for your browser known as “Imgur Uploader“as it will allow you to upload any image to Imgur easily.

imgur addons

Now, it’s time to grab some awesome images from the web. Basically, finding a perfect post that you think will hit the hot page on Reddit depends on your searching power. The more appropriate words you will use the more good posts or pictures you will find.

I would suggest you to search for those sites that provide people with funny stuff e.g 9gag, laughing colours, etc.

There is one thing that you have to keep in your mind that at first always try to post in the “Funny” section because the rules of this sections are not strict enough as compared to the other subreddits.

If you will start posting on the “Picture” section then there are a lot of chances that you might lose your account because the rules of that section are too strict, so always try to start with the easy one.

In the funny section, you can’t post any memes or any images that include a lot of text. You can use a simple picture or a picture with less text.

Here is an example:

example reddit 1


So, these two pictures are the perfect example to post.

Basically, Reddit is all about choosing a perfect title. The more good title you will choose for your post the more your post will grow similarly, the worst title you will choose for your post the low it will grow.

Let’s take an example, What title can you choose for the first picture of dog above?. I will tell you two titles and then tell you which one is the best

We can even use a title “A dog with the funny face“, but it didn’t attracts our attention.

But, if I use “I think my dog is trying to be smart“, then it makes some sense and it’s quite interesting.

But, before you post anything on Reddit make sure that the picture that you are using is not repeated. In short make sure to not use a picture that is used by another person already. You can check for the repetition of a picture by an online software known as “Karma Decay“.

You can simply paste the URL of the picture in the software and it will tell you that how much time the picture is repeated. It’s quite simple.

Now, as I was asking you to find a perfect image that you can use as a post on Reddit. Try to upload an image from top rated sites like, but make sure to use an old hot post of 9gag because a lot of people would be using the new post on Reddit.

Let me give you an example:

9gag picture

As you can see in the picture that the post is having a logo of 9gag on the side, so all you have to do is to crop that area like this:

9gag picture new


Now, it looks perfect. Make sure not to post the direct link to the 9gag post on Reddit because it will indicate Reddit as you are trying to promote your stuff. As I mention above in the article, that you have to first upload the image you select on Imgur, then you have to post the link of Imgur on Reddit.

Now, open the and upload the image that you have selected.

imgur upload

After, uploading the image you will get a lot of links on the sidebar, but you have to copy the second one (Direct Link)

imgur upload success

Now, paste the URL to funny section. I would suggest you to use the same title as on the9gag if you think that you can’t select a perfect title.

Make sure to post pictures with a gap of at least 9 to 10 minutes. 

You can’t only use 9gag to post pictures, but you can also use some other top websites. Basically, if you are thinking that this method can’t help us to grow our link karma, then I must tell you that it all depends on how much smart work you do

The more smart title you will choose for your post, the more your post will get up-votes. 

Always try to find a post on popular websites and then upload that picture to Imgur and then finally to Reddit.

Always make sure to select some old post that was popular in the past because a lot of people on Reddit would be using new posts already.


increase traffic

If you do everything perfectly, then I am assuring you that nobody can stop you from generating thousands of link karma.

Now, it’s time to discuss that how can you promote your website on Reddit without going against the rules of Reddit.

As I have told you above in the article that you can only post 2 links on Reddit that are from other websites rather than

Now, here is a great strategy in order to get great traffic on your website.

As I have told you above that you have to use some popular image on Reddit from another website. Now, the point is that you can simply post that popular image on your website and then paste the link to that post on Reddit. Isn’t that simple? Yes, it is :).

There are a lot of chances that people might find it interesting because it was a popular post in the past and make sure to use the same title as it was on the other website.

Believe me, if you will follow each and every single method that I have discuss with you, I am sure you will be able to generate enough traffic that can earn you a lot of money.

I have seen a lot of people in search for the secret of generating traffic through Reddit. They think that the method is too difficult, but the reality is that all you need to do is too smart work otherwise you can’t use Reddit for your promotion.

So, if you have any questions related to the article, make sure to discuss your problem in the comment section or you can simply contact me personally.

It would be great if you share your result with us in the comment section so that we all can help each other.

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