Windows 11: install Flutter

Step 1: install Visual Studio Code

Step 2: Open Visual Studio Code -> Extensions -> search ‘flutter’

visual studio code find flutter

Step 3: install release version

visual studio code fullter install

Step 4: Open the Command Palette.

Go to View > Command Palette or press + Shift + P.

type flutter -> click Flutter: New Project

flutter new project

Step 5: click Download SDK

download flutter sdk

Step 6: Choose location like F:\ then click Clone Flutter

clone fluter sdk

wait …

Checking Dart SDK version... 
Downloading Dart SDK from Flutter engine ... 
Expanding downloaded archive with PowerShell...
Building flutter tool... 
Running pub upgrade... 
Resolving dependencies...
Got dependencies.
Downloading Material fonts...                                      919ms
Downloading Gradle Wrapper...                                       73ms
Downloading package sky_engine...                                  428ms
Downloading flutter_patched_sdk tools...                           458ms
Downloading flutter_patched_sdk_product tools...                   460ms
Downloading windows-x64 tools...                                    5.6s
Downloading windows-x64/font-subset tools...                       229ms
[!] Flutter (Channel stable, 3.19.6, on Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22621.3296], locale en-US)
    • Flutter version 3.19.6 on channel stable at F:\flutter
    ! The flutter binary is not on your path. Consider adding F:\flutter\bin to your path.
    ! The dart binary is not on your path. Consider adding F:\flutter\bin to your path.
    • Upstream repository
    • Framework revision 54e66469a9 (13 days ago), 2024-04-17 13:08:03 -0700
    • Engine revision c4cd48e186
    • Dart version 3.3.4
    • DevTools version 2.31.1
    • If those were intentional, you can disregard the above warnings; however it is recommended to use "git" directly to perform update checks and upgrades.

[√] Windows Version (Installed version of Windows is version 10 or higher)

[X] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices
    X Unable to locate Android SDK.
      Install Android Studio from:
      On first launch it will assist you in installing the Android SDK components.
      (or visit for detailed instructions).
      If the Android SDK has been installed to a custom location, please use
      `flutter config --android-sdk` to update to that location.

[√] Chrome - develop for the web
    • Chrome at C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

[√] Visual Studio - develop Windows apps (Visual Studio Community 2019 16.11.34)
    • Visual Studio at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community
    • Visual Studio Community 2019 version 16.11.34601.136
    • Windows 10 SDK version 10.0.22000.0

[!] Android Studio (not installed)
    • Android Studio not found; download from
      (or visit for detailed instructions).

[√] VS Code (version 1.88.1)
    • VS Code at C:\Users\XPS\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code
    • Flutter extension version 3.86.0

[√] Connected device (3 available)
    • Windows (desktop) • windows • windows-x64    • Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22621.3296]
    • Chrome (web)      • chrome  • web-javascript • Google Chrome 123.0.6312.123
    • Edge (web)        • edge    • web-javascript • Microsoft Edge 123.0.2420.97

[√] Network resources
    • All expected network resources are available.

! Doctor found issues in 3 categories.
exit code 0

Step 7: Close Visual Studio Code and all PowerShell windows

Step 8: Add SDK to PATH

Desktop -> This PC -> right click -> properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environement variables -> System variables -> PATH -> Edit -> New -> F:\flutter\bin -> OK

Now you can use command flutter on PowerShell

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