Generate Website Traffic – The outright guide


Let’s discuss “Generate Website Traffic“. Basically, there are a lot of ways to generate website traffic, but some of them are the instant way that can bring a lot of traffic at a time. The problem in using these type of method is that they can not bring permanent traffic.

Here is an great article on How to get traffic from Reddit: The secret of generating 0.4 million views daily.In this article, I have shared my experience that allows me to get nearly about 0.4 million views at a time, but those visitors were temporary.

In this article, you will find some of the best strategies that can help you to generate a good amount of permanent website traffic.

There is a difference between temporary and permanent website traffic. Basically, temporary website traffic is the one that visits your website only for a specific time period while on the other hand permanent website traffic is the one that continuously visits your website because they are interested in your content.

We have heard a lot of time that content is the king. Yes, content is the main part of your website that helps search engines to decide where your website should situate in the search result. The more good your content would be the most good ranking you will achieve.



Before, we start to learn how to generate website traffic. We should know the difference between “The Paid Traffic” and “The Free Traffic“.


Paid Traffic” is the one for whom you paid. Let say you advertise your website on Facebook, so the traffic that will come from Facebook ads would be your paid traffic and believe me or not paid traffic is one of the best and the easiest way to promote your website. It not only includes Facebook, but it also includes other social media platforms where you can advertise your website or your product.


Free Traffic” is the one that you generate using different platforms. Free traffic can be generated from different forums, Social Media, etc.


In this article, we will learn about some great strategies that can help you to generate some handsome amount of traffic using different platforms. The reason why I don’t want to discuss paid traffic methods because there are a lot of people who can not pay for advertisements, so they can use this method in order to generate website traffic.

The methods that I will be going to teach you in this article will help you to bring constant traffic. Let’s discuss those methods briefly.




You will get to know about the reason in the last of this method that why I have named it as “The Auto Traffic”.

Basically, this method is based on generating traffic from YouTube. A lot of people wouldn’t be aware of generating traffic from YouTube because very few people are aware of this method and those who are aware isn’t applying this method, but this method can bring you a good and decent amount of traffic.

Google love those websites that get a good amount of traffic from YouTube. I know you are getting too much excited and I am excited to because there are a lot of things to tell you.


Let’s suppose you write an article on Search Engine Optimization. Obviously, you will first define what Search Engine Optimization is because if you will make your audience understand about it, then there are a lot of chances that they might not understand your article.

If you use some YouTube videos in order to describe Search Engine Optimization, then that would be great because it will make your audience understand properly about your topic.

Now, here is the fun part. You might be thinking that how can I get traffic through it, So there is a strategy that I use in order to generate website traffic

All you have to do is to first create a section in your article that would be titled as “What is search engine optimization”.

What is SEO


There is one thing that you have to keep in mind that the more video you will include in your article the more it will be good for your website because the more videos mean the more traffic.

After creating a heading all you have to do is to first describe it and in the end you have to export a YouTube video that totally describewhat search engine optimization is?

After, exporting that video you have to contact that YouTuber and told him/her about his/her video that you have included in your article and make sure that he links your article in his/her video description.

You might be wondering that it’s so easy. Yes, it is but, I haven’t included some strategies and if you will ask that YouTuber to link your article in his/her description without acting on a strategy, then he/she will never do that.

So, here is my strategy:

All you have to do is to first of all search for your heading on YouTube. As I have told you above in the article about “What is search engine optimization”, so here we will use the same example.

Go to YouTube and search for the keyword.

search engine optimization

Basically, it’s a really high competitive keyword, so I would suggest you to write a great article first because some people link only those article that has some quality content.

Now, select a video and export it into your article. Let’s say you chose the first one.

search engine optimization 2

Now all you have to do is to contact that Youtuber and told him about your article, but don’t forget to give value to his video.

Now, there is another great strategy that you can apply. Sometimes a lot of YouTubers with high-ranking do not reply, so it would be better if you chose someone with less than 10,000 subscribers because they always reply and sometimes even better YouTuber can reply to your message, but for that you will have to use professional language and you will have to add value of his content in your message.

Here is an example that you can use in order to get reply from YouTubers:


I was on the hunt for some great (Your Keyword) videos and find your video:

(His video link)

I must say “Great Work!” You have explained each and every single thing clearly.

Because of your content quality I have use your video in my article:

(Your article link)

So, that I can provide my audience with great content.

I was wondering if you can include my article link in your video description. It would help me a lot.

Let me know if you are interested.


Ammar Pervez

If they include your article link in their description, then you will be in business because you will get constant traffic from that video.


For example, if someone visits that video and read the description if he/she will find your article link in the description, then he/she will visit your website for sure and if he.she finds your article interesting, then he/she might subscribe you.

Always make sure to grab the link from the first page of the YouTube and try to add 3 to 4 videosin your article if you are writing more than 3000 words. Otherwise, 2 videos will be enough for an article with 1000 words.

If the first video of your keyword on YouTube links your article, then you will be in business because that link will act as a high-quality backlink.

So, it was the reason why I have named this method as “The Auto Traffic” because you will get constant traffic.



There is another great method that I called “The Answer Method“. If you do this method properly, then, believe me, you can generate great amount of traffic.

Basically, this method is based on making friends. You have to be very social for it. Let’s discuss what exactly this method is:

First of all, you have to find online communities that are related to your website. Let’s say if your website is about online business as mine. All you have to do is to search for the online communities that are related to Online Business.

There is a tool known as Boardreader. That allows you to search for the forums that are related to your niche.


Enter the niche of your website in the search bar and you will get the list of all the online communities that are related to your niche.

But, here in this example, we will use Warrior Forum as it’s one of the biggest online community which is related to Internet marketing.

Now, you might be thinking that yes, we already know this method. OK! no doubt you know, but I am here to discuss some great strategies with you that can help you to generate some great traffic as well as high-quality backlinks.

First, create an account on the community which is related to your field.

Now, after creating the account all you have to do is to open the section of the forum which is related to your niche.

Let’s open the “Search Engine Optimization” section of the warrior forum as it’s related to my niche.

search engine optimization 3

Now, it’s time to search for some question that people mostly ask. Let’s take an example,

keyword searching

As you can see in the picture that this person is asking about keyword research, now it’s time for you to apply this method. All you have to do is to message him/her in the private that you are also having an article or a course on “Keyword Research” that can solve his/her problems.


Now, the point is that how can you use such words that attract his/her attentions towards your article. The answer is really easy.

All you have to do is to tell him that “Keyword Research” is not that difficult if you will read my article then you can do it in a better way and if he/she finds it interesting, then he/she will subscribe you for sure.

Now, you might be wondering that It’s a really slow method but, guys wait I haven’t completed the method yet. There are few other things to be discussed.

Now, search for the same question in the forum and reply them by using some great words and don’t forget to mention that you are also having the same article which is related to this topic.

If you are not a social person, then I would suggest you make yourself a social person because it can help you a lot in the blogging field.


Now, here is the fun part. All you have to do is to find those people who are having the same websites as of yours. You can even find those people from the comment section.

Let’s take the same example, You can find those people in the comment section of the previous question (Keyword Research).

Now, all you have to do is to send them a private message and start a conversation with them. It would be better if you find them on Facebook and then start the conversation with them.

Try to first, find that what type of website they run and how many traffic do they got daily also show them your website, your content. Don’t forget to add value of their content.

After some days try to ask them if they can link your article on their website and believe me they will not ignore you. All you have to do is to build a good relationship with them and after some days try to ask them if they can link.


You can also tell people in the forum about the website you are currently running, but make sure to first build up your reputation on the forum because if you will start telling people about your website in the start, then they will think that you are spamming, so try to first build your reputation by answering people and providing them with informative stuff.

So, these were some strategies that I use. If you have any problem, then feel free to ask me and don’t forgot to share your result in the comment section, so that everyone could see what people are getting from my methods :).

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