How to use on Windows

Step 1: register a new account, go to

github register new account

Step 2: set-up Git
2.1 Dowload Github Desktop at
Requirement: Windows 7 or later

2.2 Installing GitHub desktop

installing GitHub desktop

GitHub desktop login account

github desktop login account

GitHub desktop configure git

github desktop configure git

GitHub desktop find local repositories

github desktop find local repositories

End, we get GitHub desktop

github desktop

Step 3: Create a new repository on GitHub
3.1 Click button + on the top left corner, then fill your Repo name like Demo-Repo
3.2 Fill your local path and select the type of your Repo like Android

Create a new repository on GitHub

3.3 Click Create repository

Create a new repository on GitHub 2

Step 4: Publish your Repo

Click button Publish on the top right corner, then fill your repo name and description. Last, click button Publish your repo

publish github repo

Note: if you don’t buy any plan on GitHub, you can publish your repo as private.

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