How to use SSH as a proxy

Method 1: Use Bitvise Tunnelier

1. Connect ssh:
Use Bitvise Tunnelier to login your VPS or dedicated server

In the tab services you can see the port like 24211

tunnelier services tab

2. Use the proxy

You can use Proxifier to use the proxy quickly.

proxifier options proxy settings

proxifier options proxy settings 2

Or you can use proxy settings in your browse:


chrome settings proxy

chrome settings proxy 2

Method 2: Use openSSH

1. Setup Cygwin with openSSH

Read step 1,2,3 in this tutorial: How to install SSH daemon on Windows

4. Use command line

ssh -D forwardedport


ssh -D 1082

ssh forward port


$ ssh -D 1082
Last login: Sun May 22 05:23:29 2016 from xx.xx.xx.xx

If you close the Cygwin terminal, the SSH will be closed.

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