Cracking the file manager of the VestaCP control panel

VestaCP is a free virtual host control panel written by Russians. This panel is powerful and can be used for self-use or connected to WHMCS sales. However, the panel does not support free file management. The commercial projects on the official website are “File Manager” (paying 3$ per month and 50$ for life) and “SFTP Chroot” (paying 1$ per month and 18$ for life). If you have the ability, please support the genuine!

Step 1: disable autoupdate
vestacp disable update

Step 2: edit /usr/local/vesta/web/inc/main.php

vi /usr/local/vesta/web/inc/main.php

add this line to the end of file:


Cracking the file manager of the VestaCP 4

Done! now you can see menu File Manager
file manager vestacp

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