Some errors most view when use Android Studio 1.5

Error 1:

File C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platforms\android-23\data\layoutlib.jar doesnt exist

Step 1: Click icon SDK manager in the toolbar, we will the the default settings dialog
Step 2: Click Launch standalone SDK manager

error android studio 1.5

We will see the android SDK manager dialog

Step 3: tick SDK platform and click the button Delete 1 package

android sdk manager delete package

Step 4: Reinstall SDK platform by tick SDK platform and click the button Install 1 package

Error 2:

Rendering Problems 
Exception raised during rendering: 
android/icu/impl/ResourceBundleWrapper (Details)

To fix it, you can follow the above steps (Error 1).

Error 3: no files are open

If you see no files are open when you open an application,

no files are open

and when you open any file of this application, you can’t open it, and you see:

ClassFormatError: com/intellij/openapi/editor/impl/EditorImpl



ClassFormatError: invalid pc in LineNumber in class file com/intellij/openapi/editor/impl/EditorImpl

classformaterror invalid pc

With this case, you must reinstall Android Studio. You must select the bundle like:

Error 4: fail to sync gradle project

Click Install build tools 23.0.2 and sync project

fail to sync gradle project

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