It’s time to Migrate CDN RawGit GitHub to GitHubRaw

Rawgit Free CDN service for static files like GitHub is now being collated will end in October 2019. Then how is the solution to migrate to another service that has the same function as this cdn rawgit? Fortunately there are several free services that really provide services to call the files in github. Like GitHubRaw.

We discuss first about the Rawgit CDN. RawGit is a small project that is becoming popular. Last month RawGit services were accessed by more than 4.2 billion requests and spent more than 176 terabytes of bandwidth. For whatever reason this service closes, surely you who act as bloggers, are of course forced to migrate to change the URL in your blog template.

The way to migrate is relatively easy. You just need to change the old email to new by searching and replacing the old url. Next we will learn the full method below.

How to migrate RawGit CDN services to GitHubRaw for Free

Step 1:

Open edit HTML on the blog template

Step 2:

Click in the editor box then press Ctr + Shift + R simultaneously. This function is a shortcut to replace the word in the blog template

Step 3:

Enter ”” without the quotes into the box and press Enter

Step 4:

Then enter again ”“without quotation marks in the next box and Enter again

Done, you have successfully migrated from RawGit CDN to GitHubRaw. Don’t forget to carry out the migration, before October 2019. Because this will result in calling the source code on github.

That is what I can say, I wrote the information above from my blog with the posting source to replace cdn rawgit to staticaly here. May be useful !

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