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How to install python setuptools library on Linux

Setuptools is a tool to download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages. Step 1: Result: Step 2: Result:

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Android Studio in Linux 32 bits: error Cannot launch AVD in emulator

If you use Android Studio in Linux 32 bits, and you get the error: You can follow some steps to fix it. Step 1: open terminal in linux (like kali linux) Step 2: use this command: gedit .bashrc Step 3: paste text: export ANDROID_EMULATOR_FORCE_32BIT=true Step 4: use this command: source ~/.bashrc Step 5: reboot your […]

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Linux: How to upgrade GCC

To view your current version of GCC, you can use the command: Result or use the command Result: You try to upgrade GCC but unsuccessfully. How to upgrade GCC on Linux? Method 1: Install redhat developer toolset 1.1 Step 1: Download file devtools-1.1.repo to your server. Result: Step 2: use yum to install redhat developer […]

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