Using IPv6 with Cloudflare

Step 1: Go to Add site

cloudflare add site

Fill this input with your root domain (not subdomain) and click Begin Scan.

Wait for a few seconds

cloudflare wait scan domain

Then, click Continue.

Step 2: Add AAAA record, you can add for root domain (with @) or sub-domain.

cloudflare add aaaa record

Click continuew

Step 3: Choose package

cloud flare choose package

Step 4: Change your nameservers

cloudflare change your nameservers

Step 5: Go to your domain control panel and add AAAA record with IPv6
I.e. Goddady
goddady add aaaa record

Step 6: Add or edit your NS records
I.e. Goddady

Click manage
goddady 1

Click custom
goddady 2

Fill with the cloudflare Name servers, then click OK
goddady 3

Step 7: Done!
cloudflare success ipv6

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