fsockopen equivalent in golang

Example with http link: Example with https link:

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How to run golang web server forever on Linux

To run nodejs webserver forever, you can use forever like: How to do this with golang ? There are many methods, i can show one of them: Step 1: content: Step 2:

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How to install golang on Centos

Step 1: For win64 For win32 Result example: Step 2: extract tar.gz file For win64 For win32 Step 3: Put the export declaration in ~/.bashrc. (use your GOPATH) Now you can use go command:

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Install PHP 7 on CentOS 7

After I showed last week what problems you can deal with when switching from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7, I would like to show you how to switch to PHP 7 at all. Since I am now migrating to CentOS with all servers, it will be the first time that it is not a Debian […]

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jQuery printMe2 plugin

In some case, we cant use plugin printMe to print because of popup blocker, so how to use it, i create a new version call: printMe2 Homepage : printMe http://www.daniarlandis.es/printMe/ https://github.com/menusal/printMe And here the new code We use type=iframe, so can print in the case below. Example usage:

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Flash detect by Javascript

How to detect flash by Javascript

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Function apache_request_headers on Nginx

Function apache_request_headers supports only on Apache, how to use it on Nginx. Here is the solution:

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PHP CURL: How to limit read size

In some case, we need to read a first part of a website page or a file (eg a big file). How to limit read size? We can use CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION: Example 1: Example 2: get header and more information Result:

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How to install PHP5.6 php-fpm on Centos 7

Step 1: Result: Step 2: Result: Step 3: Step 4: Result: Step 5: Step 6: Result: Step 7: Result: Step 8: Result: Step 9:

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CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION: A callback accepting two parameters. The first is the cURL resource, and the second is a string with the data to be written. The data must be saved by this callback. It must return the exact number of bytes written or the transfer will be aborted with an error. Result: Example 2:

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