On-Page SEO: Secret of Foolproof Optimized Page


Before we start learning On-page SEO you should know that there are two types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

But, here we will discuss only on page SEO. When people talk about On-page SEO, I am sure you have heard of Meta tags, Headings, Keywords Density, etc.

But, the reality is google love those websites which have different stuff in their content.

You will not find any kind of common on page tips over here because you can find those almost everywhere on the internet.

Here we will discuss some secret strategies in order to improve your On-page SEO.

Before we start learning about on page SEO you should know that what basically on page SEO is.


on page seo

According to me:

“On-Page SEO is a method in order to improve the ranking of your website”. We use different strategies that represent a perfectly optimized page in eyes of google.

Improving your Meta tags and using keywords at different places in your content is not termed as On-page SEO. According to new google algorithm, google focuses on the quality of content instead of focusing on the Meta tags or keywords.

Yes, google consider Meta tags and use of keywords, but it’s not the main reason behind a perfectly optimized page.

So, you guys might be wondering then what basically, On-page SEO depends on. Don’t worry I was trying to first clear your concept about On-page SEO and the things you will find on internet related to On-page SEO. Now, I guess you are ready to read about On-Page SEO. Yes, you are :).


Chalk writing - Visiting web site
Chalk writing – Visiting web site

Let’s discuss permalinks URL. Have you ever wondered that why most of the people are failed at ranking their websites? The most important reason behind it is that they don’t use SEO friendly permalinks. If

you are not aware of permalinks, so here is a picture:

what is seo

As you can see in the picture, the area which is marked by a blue pen is a permalink.

So, now the point is why that is important. A lot of people don’t focus on the URL of their site. They mostly use URL like:


This is totally wrong because it indicates that the content you are using is of bad quality. Google always prefer those websites who use good permalinks. Good permalinks indicate properly optimized page. Here is an example that shows how exactly SEO friendly permalink looks like:


As you can see in the example above that I have used my keyword in the link. This is an example of the perfectly optimized link. Always try to use your main keyword in your link and make sure to not make your permalink to big. It should consist of 3 to 6 words.

If you don’t know how to add the permalink, then search for it on google. You can also use some plugin on WordPress in order to change permalink.

Now, you know about permalinks and you are also ready to add them on your website. Yes, you are :).

Here is a video in order to make your concept clearer about permalinks:




Google love those websites that have too much multimedia. Multimedia includes videos, images, music, etc.
Let’s suppose you write a content on your website and add too much images and videos in order to clear the concept of your audience, so google will rank your content higher than that website who didn’t use images or pictures.
In simple words google love to rank that website that contains a lot of images and videos on their content. So, if you want to rank higher, then do not forget to use multimedia.
If you are wondering that why is it important to use so many images on your website? Then, the answer is that “Google think that a site with too many images and videos is providing quality content, so it is better to rank it higher

What I believe to rank higher is:

think as a crawler think


So, try to add as much multimedia content as you can.

Try to first analyze your competition and then try to add more multimedia stuff than him/her.

Now, you are aware of another great strategy :). If you think you already know about it, then don’t worry there are a lot of other interesting things to in this article. Relax! :).




What is meant by “Start with Keyword”? I don’t want to take this section too long. Let’s discuss how you can use keywords in title to improve your ranking.

If you will use your main keyword at the start of your title, then it can boost your ranking to a great extent. For Example, When I searched for “Keyword Research Course” my course appear first in the result because I have used my main keyword which is “Keyword Research” first in the article.

keyword research


Let’s take the example of this post. I have use “On-Page SEO” first in the article because I have mainly focused on On-Page SEO in this article. In the further article, you will learn why I have used other phrase “Secret of Foolproof Optimized Page” in the article.

There are a lot of exciting stuff that you will read further in the article. I am getting too much excited and I hope you will be excited to :).

So, try to use your focus keyword first in the article. Let’s move on to next method.



Slow loading speed can affect your ranking to a great extent. If your website is slow, then there are a lot of chances that you might lose your ranking.

Try, to use some plugin that loads your website images slow. The benefit of using such plugin is that most of the website speed get slow due to the images that they are using on their website content , but if you set your images to load slow, then it will increase your website loading speed.

Google always rank those sites that are having good loading speed.

You can use some great plugins that will allow you to load your websites first and then they will load your images.

So, it was a point to that a lot of people ignore. Now, I know you will make sure to keep this point in your mind :).




You people might be wondering that “What are outbound links”, so according to me outbound links are defined as:

Those links on your website that points towards another site

You can call that outbound link as a backlink for another site.  You might be wondering that how they can help us in ranking. Well, outbound link tells google that what your website is about. For Example, if you have an article on SEO and you create a link on your site that point towards another content which is also related to SEO, so this is what outbound link is.

Let’s discuss the strategy in order to build a powerful outbound link.

Always try to link those websites that have a higher ranking than you because it will act as an indicator for google that you are providing people with great information that is why you have built a link that points towards the high ranking site.

Linking with a low ranking website can also help you both to increase your ranking to some extent.

Now, what are you waiting for? Apply this method on your website and you will notice a great change in your ranking :).

Here is a picture that will make your concept clearer about outbound link:




Do you know why I have use “Secret of Foolproof Optimized Page” in my title? I know a lot of you would say “No”. The keyword “On-Page SEO” is having nearly about “5,400 Searches” and obviously, I cannot rank this article without any powerful backlink.



I have use “Secret of Foolproof Optimized Page” in my title because the keyword “Optimized Page” is nearly about “10 searches”, so if I rank my article on that keyword, then I will be in business. No one would be ranking on that keyword, so if I make my article rank on that keyword, then I will be in business. Yes, “10 Searches” are too low, but using that keyword I can hit the first page, so why I should ignore it.

backlink low


Always try to add some keywords in your title that have some low searches, but it should be related to your main keyword. Then, you can rank your article easily on that keyword.

Now, I have told you my strategy :). Make sure to apply this method on your website and discuss your result with me or simply you can comment below so that everyone get to know about your result :).



Google always prefer those articles that use their main focused keywords in their first 100 words. Let’s say if you have an article on “Instagram Marketing” and you use this keyword in the first 100 words of your article, then google will prefer your content more than other articles that haven’t.

Google always read the First paragraph of every content and if it finds your main keyword in it, then there are a lot of possibilities that it might increase your ranking.

As you can see in the picture that I have used my main focus keyword in the first line of the article:

seo article


It would be great if you use your main keywords 2 to 3 times in first 100 words of your article, but make sure not to use more than 5 as it indicates “Keyword Spamming”.



Now, the strategy that I am going to discuss is one of my favorite strategies that can increase your ranking to a great extent. All you have to do is to first of all search for your keyword on google. For example, if you keyword is about “Instagram Marketing” and you search for it on google, so these are the results that you will get in google search related to:

instagram marketing


Now, here is the point. Try to analyze these keywords first and then use these keywords in the middle of your article.

Then, you can use each of these keywords in order to rank better. Try to build quality backlinks on the websites that are ranking for these keywords. There are a lot of chances that your website might start ranking on the first page from one of these keywords.

Isn’t that great strategy? I know it is :).

Now, it’s your time to apply this method and don’t forget to share your result in the comment section.




Google love that website that has the most social shares. For example, if people are sharing your content on the social media, then it will indicate google that you are using great content on your website that’s why people are sharing your content. Always try to ask people to share your content on Facebook or any other social media platform. Google love those contents that have the most google plus one on them.

Ask people for sharing on google plus more than any other platform.

Now, you are aware of the importance of social shares. Try to ask people at the end of the article to share your content.

And if you like this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends to :).

10- USE OF H1 TAG:



Always try to add your main keyword in the title tag. A lot of people would be aware of it, but they don’t give importance to it.

Google always read main lines of every content and find how many times a specific keyword is used and where that specific keyword is used?

Place of using keyword matters the most.  Google prefer those contents who have used their main keyword in the H1 tag.

So, don’t ignore your heading tags.


Always try to use special keywords like: (In the end of your title)

  • (Step-by-step)
  • (Guide)
  • (For Beginners)

It would be great if you mention the year at the end of your content. For example, you can use a title like “Best 2016 guide”.

Google rank those contents higher who mention the year in their title because it indicates google that you are providing people with an updated content.

Always try to update your content every month because updated content always ranks higher. Don’t update the whole content, try to add some additional paragraph at the end of your content.


long content

Suppose, you have a website on a specific niche and someone comes to you so that you can link his/her content on your content.

But, will you do if he/she has a short article? Short means an article with less than 500 words. Similarly, everyone loves to link with a long and quality content.increase-website-traffic

Always try to provide people with great content and great content needs a lot of words.

Long contents make people feel that you are providing them with great content.


Google always keep track on your visitors. It notices how much people are visiting your website and how much of them are leaving. It also makes sure to notice the time rate that people are spending on your website.

The more time people will spend on your website, the better it would be for you. Time rate indicates about the quality of your content. People love to spend their time while reading quality content.

So, try to provide people with great content. Your visitor’s time rate can increase your ranking to a great extent.

Google think:

People are spending more time on this website, it means that the owner of this website is providing people with great stuff, so I should rank it more than any other website”.

Now, you are aware of some of the best On-Page SEO factors. Try to apply these methods on your own and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section as it will help other people to see results :). And yeah, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, so that nobody stays uneducated :).

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