How to use Usenet network

Usenet, this is a huge data warehouse online posted by members and you can find almost everything here: movies, music, software …

Step 1: Register the account at here

Then, you will receive the email with content like:

Welcome to XS Usenet!

Your account has been successfully created.
By using your credentials below, you will be able to log on for free to our system.

You will need software to access the Usenet. We recommend Newsbin Pro or Newsleecher but there are of free alternatives available on the Internet such as GrabIT.

Client Area Username:
Client Area Password: yyyyyyy
Client Area:

Reader Free Accounts:
Reader Premium:
Regular Port(s): 23, 80, 81, 119, 443, 8080, 2323, 8181
SSL Port(s): 563, 564, 600, 663, 664 (premium only)
Username: 111111111111
Password: pppppppp

Your free account is already active, if you have ordered a premium package please proceed with your payment first. After payment has been received, your free account will be upgraded to a premium account.

Kind regards,

XS Usenet

Now, you must install some software to use Usenet like GrabIT

Step 2: go to GrabIT home page at to download the newest version of GrabIT

Step 3: install GrabIT

grabit setup 1

grabit setup 2

grabit setup 3

grabit setup 4

grabit setup 5

grabit setup 6

grabit setup 7

Step 4: use GrabIT
grabit use 1

grabit use 2

Fill with your username and password

grabit use 3

grabit use 4

To search, go to tab GrabIT usenet search

grabit use 5

To download file, you select the file you want and click button Grab

grabit use 6

Then goto the tab Batch to see all download.

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