Part 1: How to register an unlimited storage account Google Drive

Step 6: additional personal information

Follow these below pictures:

register google drive unlimited 11

Then click Save & Continue …

register google drive unlimited 12

Step 7: Education history: high school

Select High School then Select high school attended like: A Philip Randolph Lead Acad. Then click Save & Continue …

register google drive unlimited 13

Step 8: Education history

In Familly Education History, select Do Not Know, Then click Save & Continue …

register google drive unlimited 14

Step 9: Education Goals

Select ‘I do not Plan to pursue a degree at this time’ and ‘Translent Student (025)’. Then click Save & Continue …

register google drive unlimited 15

Step 10: Domicile Determination Form

Click Apply

register google drive unlimited 16

Then select No Then click Save.

register google drive unlimited 17

Click Continue.

register google drive unlimited 18

Then press: Submit Application

register google drive unlimited 19

You will see the message:

You have submitted your application for processing – this may take several minutes. Do not close your browser, use the back button, or navigate to another web page at this time. When

processing is complete, you will be given important information regarding your application.

Then you will see the message Conglatulations:

Your application has been successfully submitted to Germanna Community College for the 2016 Summer between 05/23/2016 and 08/03/2016 term.

register google drive unlimited 20

Click Continue.

Step 11: Student Information

First, you will see the SIS ID

register google drive unlimited 21

Student Information – SIS ID

Your SIS ID, also referred to as an Empl ID, uniquely identifies you within the Virginia Community College System. It serves as the key to all of your student records. Please record it and keep it

with you at all times.
Your SIS ID is:

Then the username and password

register google drive unlimited 22

Student Information – Username/Password
Your Username and Password are necessary to access your online services, such as the Student Information System (SIS), Blackboard, and Student E-mail.
Your username: ts21629 password: xxxxxxxx

Next, you will see the message:

Tuition Information
Based on the residency information you supplied, you will receive out-of-state tuition rates.

Then you will see the screen:

register google drive unlimited 24

You can see your email: ts21629 @

Step 12: login account Google Drive Ultimate

register google drive unlimited 25

If you get the error:

Sorry, Google doesn’t recognize that email.

register google drive unlimited 26

Please wait maximum 1day for Google to recognize your email.

Google will be redirected to the page of the VCCS to your account login and password has been provided.

register google drive unlimited 27

Hope through the detailed instructions above, you will create an archive volume in Google Drive. Enjoy up documents, images, video needed without having to spend money to buy additional storage from Google Drive.

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