Twitter Style Blue Button hover

Twitter does not have anyone to use the site. Face Book – is next to the Twitter community website. In the United States of America can not run without the Twitter website as saying so that Twitter has become their life. Celebrities on Twitter is often higher than the Face book. Pop singers and politicians, religious leaders are up to on Twitter. Especially if one is Twit can do with 140 characters. Twitter Users will see the purple button. Buttons how that was created. Let’s see how it could be made on the Post. Read more about Twitter Style Blue Button hover

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Transform Transition menu

HTML is the most used Internet application. html and can not do anything alone. then joined with the CSS program will only add to the beauty. Web pages can be easily designed with CSS taxes. Palakuvatarku CSS programs are all very difficult. Let’s see how to create a menu with CSS column. Using this menu transition, transform, such as the use of selector-can create a menu. Read more about Transform Transition menu

Text Shadow In 3D Effect

Hello Friends Today we are discuss Text-Shadow With CSS.this Word Firefox,safari,Chrome and Internet explorer Is Not Working . The CSS 2 property text-shadow is supported in Safari since version 3 (also available for Windows), Opera since 9.5, Firefox since 3.1, Google Chrome since version 2, Konqueror and iCab. Read more about Text Shadow In 3D Effect

PHP get image path from text

Is it possible to get image path from some text using PHP ?
For example, we have a text with such code somewhere inside it This text is stored in DB (as article). How to get image path (in this example it is – from text? Of course, text and images varies from article to article Read more about PHP get image path from text